Print Processes

All of my prints are one-of-a-kind. I make sketches beforehand as a quick way to work out ideas. 

Some are monotypes where I cut out and use mylar or other soft plastic shapes to mask the paper from ink. I ink a sheet of Plexiglass. I then place the cut shapes and sometimes other materials on the plate. The heavy cotton rag paper is wetted and blotted before it is placed on top of the plate and run through the press.

For collagraphs, I make a printing plate with matboard and other materials. I ink the plate and wipe excess ink off of the raised areas on the plate. The plate and paper are run through the press much like monotypes, above. The plate embosses the paper to some degree.

I used only black ink in the prints in this portfolio. In some, you’ll find shades of gray and light black because the print is a ghost where I used the inked plate a second time. 

I often cut shapes out of light weight white or colored papers in a process called Chine-colle. Sometimes I paint the papers with acrylic paint. Other times, I print a design with a pigment printer. I sprinkle wheat paste on the backs of my paper shapes and lay them with the glue side up on the plate. The wetted and blotted heavy rag print paper is placed over the plate and cut papers. They are run through the press. 

After the prints dry on wire shelves, I add various mixed media. I sometimes glue on papers or marbleized mylar, sew on threads and beads, and draw with colored pencils.

Two slides show the translation of my mixed media prints into fashion available at: